Detailed analytics for advanced campaign measurement

You need to know how players play your game to create the best campaigns. You need answers to those questions: How they spend money in the game? How many friends did they invite? You can get more answers through detailed analytics.

Engage best users of your games

You don't need to share all data of your games. Create custom segments based on user data and share it with your partners if they need specific data. You can also use it for yourself. For example, you can send in-app messages to target group you choose.

Reliable campaign results

You don't need to worry about fraud payments. Fraud Prevention Suite prevents every fraud payment in real-time. Your app data will be in safe and never distorted by fake in-app payments.

Your data, your rules

Your data will be protected by the strictest data privacy laws in the world.

We'd like to tell you more about the best tracking software in the world.

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