Increase game revenue through subscriptions

Easy SDK integrate

Subscriptions are becoming more popular among mobile players. According to marketing reports, developers who use a subscription system increase their game revenue 4X.


You can increase the revenue of your game by joining a subscription-based platform for F2P games.

You will get a revenue share from each subscriber that subscribed to the platform and plays your game. This goes on as long as the player is subscribed.


You also get a monthly bonus for each subscriber who subscribed to the platform through your game, even if they play another game on the platform. This bonus also goes on as long as the player is subscribed, whether they play your game or not.



You don’t need to spend so much time on SDK integrate. An expert team will help you and they will take care of the processes. You can enjoy.

Subscriptions are becoming a new trend of mobile games. Take your part before it is too late.

Monetization to increase revenue from in-game ads

Quick & Easy
SDK Integration

With the Automatic Ad Mediation feature, you can increase the Ad revenue at least 20% or more for your games. Easy SDK integration, detailed Dashboard, 24/7 technical support. There is everything to help you to increase the Ad revenue.

Detailed Dashboard allows you to optimize your App Monetization strategy. Keeping an eye on actionable insights such as ARPU & ARPDAU on the easy-to-comprehend dashboard allows you to make timely decisions.

No hassle of managing those never-ending codes for Mobile Ad Mediation and Analytics as the engineers easy-to-integrate minimal codes for your convenience.


If you need help, don’t worry! 24/7 technical support will take care of you for every topic.

Mobile game monetization to increase game Ad revenue! Let's discuss the details.

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