More than 30 million of Turkish gamers and 870M+ market share are waiting for you.


Games with Turkish localization provide more revenue in Turkey than non-localized games.


We guarantee quality, as we test your game once it’s fully localized to make sure there are no mistakes and everything is well-adapted.


An expert team researches and chooses the best Turkish voice actors for your game characters. Everything is recorded at a studio with the top-of-the line equipment.

Music Production

Music is essential for the best gameplay experience. That’s why we make sure that we create original, unique and powerful music for your games.


While joining new markets, localization could be the most important thing that you need to focus on. You should know that translation is not localization. Every country has its own culture and you need to change your game according to the culture of the new market.

Turkey is one of the largest markets in the region and there are more than 30 million players. If you want to benefit from them, you need to provide a great gameplay experience So, you need full adapted localization.


Testing after localization is very important to see and experience the results. The test shows if there are any mistakes. An expert team will always be in touch with you during testing to make sure everything fits with your expectations.


We work with famous Turkish voice actors and we make sure that the game characters have a unique storytelling that leaves an impact on the players.

We also make sure everything is recorded with best quality and high-tech equipment.

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