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You can reach out to tons of Turkish gamers. With an expert team, we always create the best campaigns for our partners.


people we reached via our campaigns.

We bring quality

You can work with all influencers that you want. However, this is not meaning you will get good results. You need to make good choices for your game and brand. We do it for you! We are following closely social media and internet trends daily, and we are including these into the content.

Transparent process management

We provide transparent process management during all campaign. During the campaign and after, our team shares all data and processes with you. We have an expert team who has a good knowledge of Turkish gaming industry. We'll in touch with you during the campaign.

Our Process

How do we start?

We take some data from your game to determine the target group and also the campaign content. Players age range, sexes, popular game mode and etc.

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Choosing influencers

A famous influencer is not enough to achieve good results. We work with the right names whose followers might interest in your game. Our expert team has a good knowledge of Turkish gaming industry and they choose the best influencers for the campaign. Then we send a list includes the influencers we may work.

Before choosing influencers:

  • We use the data we get from your game.
  • Analyzing influencers’ follower base.
  • Taking a look at the influencers we worked before and achieved good results. (If it’s a good fit for the campaign.)
  • Looking for influencers which have a loyal follower base.

Creating campaign content

Content is king, also queen. But content quality is the kingdom of your brand! Our team conducts individual reviews for each influencer content, provides the most accurate content for potential users. When the content is completely ready, we send it to you. Live anytime you want, that means the campaign is live!

We make sure that the content we made contains those:

  • Creative
  • Interesting
  • Trending
  • Call to Action
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When a content ready to publish, first, we send it to receive your approval. Our team will make sure that all process is working well. Our team will in touch with you during the campaign and after and we will share all data with you. We believe that transparent processes and we provide it for our customers.

Publication process:

  • Checking the content before sending you
  • Sending the content to receive your approval
  • With your approval, posting it on the channels

Let's discuss to see what opportunities we have to work together. You can reach tons of Turkish gamers through Mamobiz.


Mamobiz is a business development agency for mobile gaming industry.

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