You can work with all influencers that you want. But this is not meaning you will get good results. You need good choices for your game and brand. We are following closely social media and internet trends daily, and we are including these the content. So, it’s getting more easily to reach potential users.

How do we work?

First, we ask you for some important information for marketing works, such as the age range of your users and your brand goals. Then time to research and optimization! With the data we have obtained, we start to create the right campaign for you.

The influencer and creative ideas that suit you make your campaign strong. Mamobiz stays in touch with your strategy and marketing departments starting from the campaign creation process, and provide the necessary information about meeting the target and the content of the campaign. After completing the campaign creation and influencer selection stages, we continue to check and report.

Content is king, also queen. But content quality is the kingdom of your brand! Our team conducts individual reviews for each influencer content, provides the most accurate content for potential users. When the content is completely ready, we send it to you. Live anytime you want, that means the campaign is live!

If you want to reach the new generation, influencer marketing would be a good marketing tool for your brand or game. Our team will be in contact with you during the campaign daily and give the reports. Also, you will find important information about your campaign like how many people downloaded the game, how many people you reached. You can use these stats in your next campaigns.

Mamobiz is a business development agency for mobile gaming industry.

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