PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, League of Legends, CS:GO and FIFA.

Millions of players are playing these games. Mobile or PC doesn’t matter for us. We have a real gamer and expert team about esports and online events. We will choose the right game for you.

We record every moment of the event. Also, if you want a live stream of the event, we can do it for you! Most popular live stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch would be good choices for live stream. Just ask the details to our team!

How do we work?

First, we analyze your brand culture, and what your employees want. After, we choose games that we can organize an event for your brand and share all data with you.

We provide all communication with employees during the event. At this point, just sit back and enjoy it. Our team share every step of the event with you daily.

If you want to share the event with other offices that your company has and employees who did not join to event, we give a live stream option. We use the most popular platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Our design team make custom designs for events. Also, we record every moment of the event.

We share all the data we have obtained. You can find details about the online event in the documents we prepare.

Mamobiz is a business development agency for mobile gaming industry.

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