How We Work

Understanding your business goals it the key! 

Determine Objectives

It all starts with setting goals right! We do a full analysis of what you have on your hand and on your mind with our expert team, to set short and long term objectives that we will achieve together.

Asses Requirements

Now that we have our objectives set, we analyze, study and research to see what we will need to achieve them. This will help us to come up with the best action plan that will suit your needs.

Develop Action Plan

Now we know what to do, it's time to choose how to do it. We develop a well prepared plan on how to achieve the goals within the budget and timeframe.


Before we go full speed ahead with our plan, we do various tests to improve it. This helps us to see if we need to change anything, and if we can come up with new possibilities to maximize the plan's effect.


Now, time to go in action! Executing the strategic plan is as important as the planning part and we now that. We carefully take every step in the plan, check if we are on the right path constantly and how close we are to our goals.

Measure and Evaluate

Development is a never ending process! After executing our plan, we check how well we did, where were shined and what didn't go as planned to see how to improve and do better next time. We give you detailed analysis and reports of outcomes of this process!

We will share the industry insight we have with you

Your goals are important. Mamobiz team will you with your strategies while you focus on your core business.

  • Analyse and build a strategy
  • Follow up the process weekly & monthly
  • See how your business grows

Focus on your core business, let us do the research for you

Mamobiz will bring what you need while you enjoy focusing on your core business.

Mamobiz is a business development agency for mobile gaming industry.

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